This page hosts year-end operating-expense statements for Orchard House going back to its first full year as a leasehold in 1975 after conversion from a rental building in 1974. Year-end statements can arrive early the subsequent year or not until the fall. Each pdf file can be downloaded, or opened as a new browser tab by clicking the link.

2021: Lessees have in September of 2022 been told to pay an additional $158,778 to cover operating costs during 2021.

2020: There was a “surplus” in 2020 only because suite fees rose dramatically after 2016.

Next is a zip file of statements starting with 2017 in reverse-chrono order to 1975. We thank lessee HughTrenchard for assembling these and providing them as an excerpt from a court document, which cover page called “Tab G” you can ignore: