This page hosts all year-end operating-expense statements for Orchard House going back to its first full year as a leasehold in 1975 after conversion from a rental building in 1974. Year-end statements can arrive only a few months into the subsequent year or not until the fall.

2020: Following is a pdf file of Orchard House spending during 2020 and the cover letter of 13 September 2021 noting that the net 2020 surplus of $55,725 will be applied to spending in 2021. Only a month later lessees received their notice of suite fees for 2022, which said in part that any surplus in that year will be refunded to each lessee, which practice I’ve twice reminded the company it no longer follows; sigh. There was a “surplus” in 2020 only because suite fees have risen dramatically since 2016.

2019: Following is a pdf file of Orchard House spending during 2019.

2018: Following is a pdf file of 2018 Orchard House spending during 2018.

Next is a zip file of statements starting with 2017 in reverse-chrono order to 1975. We thank lessee HughTrenchard for assembling these and providing them as an excerpt from a court document, which cover page called “Tab G” you can ignore: