Litigation billings are not Hugh’s fault

A minority of Orchard House lessees blame litigant Hugh Trenchard for our landlord billing all lessees its litigation expenses of over $1 million as of the end of 2019. ‘Sorry, but this is not Hugh’s fault. It is Westsea Construction that ignored a precedent-setting ruling indicating that it may NOT collect these expenses from lessees.

Anyway, some of us have chosen not to pay these charges by our landlord, and you could do the same. Yes, you too might then face a Petition-action lawsuit for defying the company. But numerous of us already face that, so we’ll settle the matter for you before you’d get to court. If you don’t dare defy the company and choose to pay these outrageous billings (illegal in other jurisdictions!), at least don’t blame your neighbour for your landlord’s actions.

If you’ve been paying Westsea its demanded litigation expenses, it’s time to file your claim to recover that money, either via the B.C. Civil Dispute Resolution Tribunal or via a small-claims court action. Information about how to proceed is posted on this web site under the heading “Disputing WS’s legal costs”. Sharpen your pencil. And if you thought these billings were his fault, stop blaming Hugh.